Miles. Points. Cash.

 You’re next big bonus is a few clicks away.

Perx helps you find credit cards with the best bonuses. What you do with them is up to you. Or read the getting started guide to learn more.

One of the fastest ways to earn rewards is through credit card bonuses.

You can earn $500 or more in airline miles, rewards points, or cash back just by getting a new credit card and meeting the spending requirement.

Imagine the places you could go, the things you could see, the adventures you could have…

How it Works

1. Choose a card that matches your spending.

2. Meet the minimum spending requirement.

3. Get a bonus for travel, shopping, cash, and more.


Search and filter by bonus

Easily find cards and apply

Reminders to manage cards

What about my credit score?

As long as you are responsible with your credit cards (pay your bills on time, in full, every month) your credit should be fine. It could even go up.

For more information, check out the FAQ page.